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StarMakers_Flag_LogoWelcome to the team web site for our FES team associates. Karlyn and I thought that Star Makers was appropriate because we want to focus our efforts on assisting our team associates to be stars and develop stars.

Let’s face it, if we fail to help others have what they want then all of us loose. Over the last 38 years working with home based business people Stephan and I have seen this prove itself out year after year. “When you help enough people get what they want, you will always get what you want!” It is so simple when you consider this truism. Follow this rule and you and your associates will succeed beyond your wildest imaginations, break the rule and get selfish or ego-driven, to the exclusion of helping others, you will absolutely suffer unbelievable loss.SM-GetinTheLoop

Another thing that successful teams have in spades is good team communication. Below we have provided a link to subscribe to our team communication system. This will help us provide the team heads up for team things like; conference calls, webinars, approval to add you to our text system and corporate events. So please be sure to sign up by clinking on image to the right!

birthdayimage2Additionally, we think recognizing your special day is really important. We don’t know about you, but, when Karlyn and I get a Birthday card from someone it makes us feel really good that we’re thought about. So please subscribe to our Birthday List. Just click on the image above to share your Birthday with us by entering it into our database. Thank you!


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Finally, remember to do two things:

  1. Put your mouse on the “Library” link, top of page, then click on the “Multimedia” link so you’ll know when our conference calls are and so you can listen to and watch the webinars listed there.
  2. Remember to review the “Get Started Right” page. You need to walk through the steps that the team leaders have outlined that will help you to start running quickly, with purpose and focus in your new business!

On behalf of all associated with Star Makers, congratulations on deciding to team up with us and making an awesome decision that has the potential to really have a positive impact on you and your entire family!

Here’s to your success,
Stephan & Karlyn
Star Makers Team Leaders

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